RDIT and Voces y Visiones are contributing to education in Mexico. Through a sponsorship program, RDIT is helping children from Malinalco with financial difficulties to receive a comprehensive and quality education. 

The Ameyalli Educational Community is the main program of Voces y Visiones de Malinalco A.C. Immersed among the green mountains of the picturesque town of Malinalco, Ameyalli has been offering formal, comprehensive, and inclusive education to preschool and primary school children from Malinalco for more than 15 years. They have a humanist educational model that places the student at the center and promotes their participation, creativity, and curiosity. 

We firmly believe that education can be a transformative force capable of forming children who can positively influence their community and environment.

Social Responsability
Social Responsability

The Ameyalli Educational Community

15 years offering formal education